Composer Daniel E. Gawthrop has been the recipient of more than a hundred commissions from individuals and institutions throughout the United States. These works have ranged from organ solos to orchestral works, from vocal solos to pieces for brass ensembles and more, but have most frequently been for choral music.

Commissioning a new piece of music is not a difficult or complicated project, nor need it be prohibitively expensive. Typically, the process works something like this:

During the course of an email exchange or telephone call with Mr. Gawthrop certain specific points will be discussed and agreed upon. These normally include such things as the voicing or instrumentation desired, the length of the work, the level of difficulty, a delivery date, the type of text (if vocal), and the fee. Mr. Gawthrop then drafts a letter of agreement which includes these details and sends two copies to the commissioning person or organization. One copy of the letter, signed by the responsible representative, is returned to Mr. Gawthrop along with a check for the first half of the fee.

At this point the project is officially entered on the calendar and a search for a suitable text (if any) is begun. When the completed score is delivered, the second half of the fee becomes due.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of a commissioned work for your ensemble or for your own use, please feel free to contact Daniel E. Gawthrop by phone, e-mail, or postal mail as noted below.

Phone: (423)270-9180
post: 717 Wirsching Ave W, Twin Falls, Idaho  83301


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