RenMen Recording Receives 4.5 Stars



The Promises of Isaiah the Prophet for TTBB a cappella chorus by American composer Daniel E. Gawthrop is prominently featured on a new CD from the Renaissance Men called “RenMen Laments.” Gawthrop served for several years as Composer-in-Residence to this professional men’s vocal ensemble, based in Boston, Massachusetts. RenMen Laments, their first commercially produced studio recording was released in February on the Navona Records label and among the earliest reviews was one from an Italian website, Kathodik. Reviewer Luciano Feliciani found much to praise in this project, including The Lamentations of Jeremiah the Prophet by Thomas Tallis. It was this major work which inspired the disc’s title RenMen Laments.

Written as a response to the anguish of Jeremiah’s mourning over the destruction of Jerusalem, Gawthrop’s companion work The Promises of Isaiah the Prophet emphasizes that many promises of joy and goodness are made in the prophecies of Isaiah, and that mourning is not the end of the story.

About Gawthrop’s work the reviewer said, “The Promises of Isaiah the Prophet by Daniel E. Gawthrop a radiant composition in the American style, magnificently concludes the CD.”

Details of the recording may be seen here.

Details of the musical score may be seen here.


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